Competition entries 2014- 15
Some images I have entered into various competitions in 2014 - 15
1_Ballet practice
Dancing practice
1_So Beautiful
So beautiful
2_Love all beings
Love all beings
2_Lying and Cheating
Lying and Cheating
3_Mafia man
Mafia man
3_Young friends
Young friends
4_Three hats
Three hats
A moment that is mine
A moment that is mine
ballet dancer
Ballet dancer
Dancing a slow dance 10
Dancing a slow dance
fredau twice 9
Fredau twice
L2_Castlerigg Stone Circle
Castlerigg stone circle
L3_Sycamore Gap 13 Comm
Sycamore gap - Hadrian's wall
Out of reach 9
Out of reach
Pivotal moment 11
Pivotal moment
Soft touch by Bill Preston ARPS,DPAGB,BPE4-colour
Soft touch
sarah face twice mono
Two eyes
standingfirm A
Standing firm against the waves
Stripes 10
Those eyes 13 A
Those eyes
Tough going
Tough guy
Two in trouble
Two in trouble
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