Red Arrows at Hawarden June 2018
At Hawarden airport watching the Red Arrows taking off and later landing. They were flying to Llandudno to do their display.
LD4A5812 (Copy)
Take off 1
LD4A5813 (Copy)
Take off 2
LD4A5814 (Copy)
Take off 3
LD4A5823 (Copy)
Take off 4
all in sky (Copy)
In formation
LD4A5903 (Copy)
Landing 1
LD4A5872 (Copy)
Landing 2
LD4A5895 (Copy)
landing 3
LD4A5838 (Copy)
The Beluga arriving
LD4A5845 (Copy)
The Beluga
LD4A5846 (Copy)
The Beluga landing
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