Red Kite feeding centre June 2018
Bwlch Nant Yr Arian outdoor centre, Wales
Bwlch nant Yr Arian (Copy)-2 LD4A5180 (Copy)-2
The first red kite we saw
LD4A5181 (Copy)-2
The second red kite we saw
LD4A5184 (Copy)
The red kite feeding site
LD4A5193 (Copy)
They start to arrive and circle
LD4A5229 (Copy)
Swooping down to the food
LD4A5227 (Copy) LD4A5230 (Copy)
LD4A5226 (Copy) LD4A5228 (Copy) LD4A5245 (Copy) LD4A5258 (Copy)
On the ground
LD4A5231 (Copy) LD4A5250 (Copy) LD4A5260 (Copy) LD4A5259 (Copy)
LD4A5262 (Copy) LD4A5263 (Copy) LD4A5263a (Copy) LD4A5261 (Copy)
LD4A5273 (Copy) LD4A5264 (Copy) LD4A5293 (Copy) mod5238 (Copy)
mod5298 (Copy) mod5346 (Copy) mod5228 (Copy) mod5381 (Copy)
On the wing play time
mod5361 (Copy) mod5380 (Copy) mod5388 (Copy)-2 mod5425 (Copy)
mod5390 (Copy) mod5447 (Copy)-2
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